34. Mom. Wife. Sister. Friend. Writer. Office Manager. Student. Habitual Learner. Book Worm. Music freak. Lover of laughter and life.

I identify myself as each of these things. I’m a communicator, but sometimes, it’s easier just to write things down. Not entirely sure what the purpose of this blog is, other than to help me make sense of my own crazy brain. I’m just a scatter-brained chick from Suburbia, Oklahoma who never knows which way is up.

This page is for you. Yes, you. Whoever is reading this. I’d like to spark a conversation with anyone. I want to make you think. I want to be a little ray of sunshine after a really crappy day, because God knows, everyone could use one of those once in a while.

If you love life – traveling, reading, cooking, your kiddos, your spouse (at least sometimes), DIY projects, learning, doing, talking, etc…then you’ll fit right in here….Because I’m going to talk about it all at some point.

Please – leave comments/feedback, and don’t hesitate to contact me if I’m doing something you do (or don’t) like.



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