Why am I here?

Any one reading this ever been to Bleu Garten in Midtown? No? Drop what you’re doing and go. Now. Yes? Good… then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
I’ve only been there a few times…but each occasion has always led to epic conversations, forward thinking, and a helluva good time. Indeed, I’ve done some awesome thinking there.
Let me set the scene.
Early summer last year. A few co-workers and I decided on a last minute visit to Bleu to wind down after a particularly long day at work. I’m sitting there, at dusk, enjoying a beer (Lindeman’s Peche. Never had one? Drop what you’re doing and go have one. NOW. You’re going to figure out real quick that I’m going to be telling you what to do, a lot),recovering from a rousing game of monster jenga,  and the conversation goes from talking about random work things to something a little deeper. Britton, a friend from work (who is younger than me and wise beyond his years), ask’s “If you could do one thing for the rest of your life…any profession….what would you do?”
10,000 silly things ran through my head. I think I might have even blurted a few of them out. “I’d travel!” “Get paid to shop!” And then, listening to everyone else give honest answers, I thought harder. It came back around to me, and Britton asked again. I said “I’d be a writer.” Enter Ashley…a dear friend who I worked with at the time. I’ll leave it to Britt and Ashley to argue of who’s idea it was first, but I remember both of them asking me “Why don’t start a blog?” Britton then says… “You’ve had experiences that people would want to read about.” And it hit me…”I have!” But, then again, I’m sure each one of you have as well. Everyone has. I started toying with the idea of blogging, and as many of you know….life happens. Work. School. Marriage. Family. A beautiful baby that I never thought I’d have. It never happened…until now.
I was sitting texting with a friend of mine over the weekend about how much I loved to write. She told me that she never saw me more honest or open, never saw a more truer “me” than when she was reading things I’d written. So, I started toying with the idea again, and here I am.
I’m not entirely sure what this point of this will be. If nothing else, it will be a place for me to escape to. To find sanity…clarity…peace. I’ve been lacking a lot of all three of those things as of late, and I know that never have I felt more at home then when I’m sitting somewhere writing.
Maybe It’ll me a place for all of my friends to keep up with me and my bitty-baby-girl. Maybe it’ll be something she can read some day and get to know me a little better than she does. Who Knows? The sky is the limit.
So…Britton…Ashley….Thanks for coming up with the idea and then bickering over whose idea it was. I miss you both.
Here goes nothing.
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spon·ta·ne·i·ty (insert definition here).

Whew, what a week.
I’ve been pondering something my best girlfriend asked me a few weeks ago, and trying to figure out my own answer to this question. No. Scratch that. Not an answer. A remedy. A solution. A friend of mine used to always say “Be a solutionist, not a problemist!” HA! Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Routine sucks. Boredom is exhausting. Agreed?
I got a text from said best friend a few weeks ago, and she asked me “Heather…Do you ever feel like you’re in that movie “Groundhog day?” Where you’re literally stuck in the same routine, doing the same thing, living the same day, over and over again?” I wanted to hike my happy butt to the nearest mountain, (which is something I would never do), climb it (which is also something I would never do) and scream from it’s highest peak “YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Every. Dang. day. Since basically the beginning of my adult life, It’s been sleep, eat, work, school, eat, sleep, repeat. Since having my daughter, it’s constantly going, non-stop, but It’s still constantly doing the same things, just a different set of the same things, over and over. Daily life for me sometimes feels like a chore, and I just can’t wait for it to be over and for the chance to crawl into bed and have 15 min of doing whatever I want to do without having a deadline, a commitment, or someone telling me what to do and when. So what if I want to handstands and eat ice cream upside down? Those 15 minutes at the end of my day (before I fall into a sleep the dead can’t rival) are MINE! I’LL DO WHAT I WANT!
Then I realized how sucky that attitude was. Life shouldn’t be a chore, routine or not. I need a reset. I need to start appreciating the little things on a daily basis, and maybe it wouldn’t seem so mundane. But how do I do that? How do I break up the monotony of being an adult? What’s a girl got to do to get a little excitement? How do I find the joy in (and stop sweating) the small stuff? HELP!
Let’s talk about this.

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